Jack Durrant

I am an aspiring user experience designer with a passion for technology and self-taught skills in various areas of computing. I have experience designing and developing websites, making use of client-side and server-side technologies. When I create a website, I put a lot of effort into implementing a clean and functional design to create the best possible user experience.

I also have experience in other areas of computing. I have developed basic software for Microsoft Windows using Visual Studio. I have set up and currently managed Linux web servers. I also know how to troubleshoot computers and smartphones running a wide variety of operating systems.


Level 3 BTEC in Computing

City College Brighton, 2014-2016

International Baccalaureate MYP

International Community School, 2009-2012

Work and Experience

Laptop Clinic at City College Brighton, 2016

As part of a course I took, I was involved in the planning and operation of a laptop maintenance and repair business. When faced with difficult problems in the laptop, I was determined to find solutions to these problems. As a result, the laptop clinic was able to offer its services to more customers, contributing to its success.

Product Reviews for MobileFun.co.uk, 2012-2013

From 2012 to 2013, I regularly reviewed smartphone accessories on my blog. These products were sent to me by MobileFun, an international online retailer that sells the products I reviewed, among many others. While my reviews were mostly positive, they were honest and I was sure to point out any practical flaws with the products I wrote about.


Web Development

I have experience setting up web servers and dynamic websites. I consider myself highly capable of producing functional website designs with good aesthetics, using markup and scripting languages interpreted by modern web browsers. I am passionate about web development and developed nearly all the skills I have by reading online tutorials and experimenting in my spare time.

I have experience using advanced text editors, command line utilities and integrated development environments to improve my speed and productivity developing websites. I also have experience using developer tools included with modern internet browsers to test and debug websites. I also test websites in various internet browsers, allowing me to improve compatibility with older browsers.

Managing Linux

I have experience using and administering a wide variety of GNU/Linux distributions. The open source Linux kernel, along with the GNU operating system, provide a highly stable base on which Linux distributions, such as Debian and Red Hat, are built. Operating systems like these are highly stable, secure, lightweight and versatile, making them excellent for use on servers. I also enjoy using distributions like Linux Mint and Fedora as desktop operating systems, particularly because of the extensive customisation they offer.

Software Development

At the age of 14, I taught myself how to design and develop basic software for Microsoft Windows. I used Visual Studio, a fully featured integrated development environment, to design a user interface for a basic web browser. I programmed basic functionality for the web browser using Visual Basic .NET, an object-oriented programming language that allows developers to use Microsoft’s .NET framework to give their applications extra functionality.